Embodied & Radiant

~This course is now open~

Have you ever sacrificed your femininity and sensuality to make it in a 'man's world'?

I did too.

But what if your feminine energy could support your mission in the world?

What if aligning with your innate feminine qualities could enhance your success?

It can.

If you're a heart-centered teacher, leader or entrepreneur

and you're on a mission to make a difference in the world,

you don't need to struggle.

It's possible to lead and love with ease and excitement.

As a female leader, you can't afford to suppress the power of your sensuality.

You can't afford to suppress your radiance and light.

You don't need to do things like a man and you weren't designed to.

There is so much ease, joy and pleasure available to you by way of a feminine path...


As a woman, you carry within you a tremendous power that can fuel your growth, success, self-confidence, health, vitality — and more.

That power is your life force and your sensuality.

It's your femininity and feminine magnetism.

Regardless of how you feel or what you’ve been taught about your sensuality and femininity, this course is here for you to embrace a new kind of feminine power.

Imagine feeling at home and empowered in yourself, your body, your senses, and your sensual expression...

You can.

What if your body and your senses became a sanctuary; a source of pleasure; confidence, and spiritual connection?

What if your body felt like a temple; the place where you meet the deepest aspect of yourself?

What would it be like to move through the world feeling alive, magnetic, and radiant?

How would it feel to be productive and powerful in your work life while feeling nourished and feminine in the process?


Embodied and Radiant is for women who:

  • Fear wasting the best years of their life because they don’t know how to access their feminine potential
  • Want to embody their feminine essence so that they move from stress into flow, have incredible intimate relationships and achieve their goals and desires with ease
  • Are scared to waste the best years of their life because they've slowly given up on dating, romance and intimacy
  • Feel disconnected from their bodies and either have little or no desire for sex and intimacy. It's for women who don't just want sex: they want epic, connected sex.
  • Want to know their feminine gifts, realize their feminine magnetism, feel sensually alive, and have ease while they create the life they desire.

“After working with Blaire, I’ve found myself as a woman. I’ve learned how to truly receive -not just give. I treat myself and my body so much better. I’ve cultivated such strong self-love that I”m no longer waiting for the ‘right one’ to come along. The practices Blaire has shared with me have helped me to remember myself. She was the best possible guide for me! Every woman should learn about Tantra! ~Lynn, Purchasing Assistant


What you can expect:

Module 1:

Let go of old beliefs, be free of past patterns and embrace your feminine qualities so you can soften your tough exterior and finally feel open, sensual and magnetize healthy, loving relationships.

Module 2:

Lead with your feminine at work and in the pursuit of your dreams so instead of sacrificing yourself to make it in a man's world, you create the success you want on your own terms with ease, passion and joy.

Module 3:

Harness the power of your emotions and put an end to unhealthy relationship patterns so instead of frustrating drama you attract healthy, loving partners in life, work and love.

Module 4:

Own your worth, trust yourself and master self-confidence so that you can reveal who you really are and feel understood, accepted and loved by the people that mean the most to you.

Module 5:

Know how to get your needs met without being pushy or demanding so that you feel appreciated, adored by a man who respects you and would do absolutely anything for you.

Module 6:

Learn to love your body, your sensuality and your sexuality so that you feel healed, whole, desirable and ready for incredible intimacy.

Module 7:

Sync intelligently with the rhythms of your body to make your cycle your biggest power rather than a liability so that you can feel healthy, full of energy and can attract anything you want effortlessly by creating synchronistic opportunities in your life, at work and in love.

Do you want to breakthrough into your authentic feminine power with loving guidance and support?

Knowing your feminine gifts and claiming your sexual identity is more than a weekend workshop or side-hobby; this is a deep soul calling.

You're ready to start living and loving in a whole new way.

No more pushing or exhausting yourself to 'prove' yourself; you're ready to move through life with ease.

No more pressure to create success with masculine strategy and striving; you're ready to tap into a feminine flow.

Imagine enjoying your sensuality and embodying your sexual energy with integrity.

Imagine magnetizing what you desire to you with ease and pleasure.

Imagine yourself authentic, feminine, confident and radiant.

"I've spent most of my life disconnected from my body but once I connected with my body through this course, life became so much better. (The practices) felt so good and so natural and so pleasurable, like this is the thing that I've been missing and craving. This course was an amazingly powerful experience. These are tools that I will have for the rest of my life. I don’t want to live any other way."

- Brittany, Emotional Eating Expert, Los Angeles


Embodied and Radiant is a program for you to:

  • Learn pleasurable embodiment practices that take you out of autopilot so that you can experience the fullness of life and be moved by the simplest of moments
  • Activate your feminine magnetism and self-worth to stop the inner voice of "I'm not enough" so that you can finally attract what you desire with ease
  • Know how to honor the cycles of your body and your hormones to leverage your specific feminine strengths, optimize your cycle and indulge in self-care guilt free when you really need it
  • Revive and repair your relationship with your sexuality so that deeper pleasure and personal power is available to you and you feel more deliciously yourself anytime you want

"Through the training, there’s been a huge letting go of shame, fear and guilt. There’s a huge change in the awareness of my emotions, who I am, how I act, how I hold myself and what I want. I feel more confident, I feel sexier, I feel lighter and I feel more steady through my ups and downs. This training has taught me how to understand and be with my feelings and emotions.

- Lacey, Yoga Teacher


If you struggle with:

  • stress, anxiety or overwhelm (feeling like you have to do and be 'it all')
  • dating and romance
  • understanding men (boyfriend/spouse/co-workers)
  • experiences as a woman (with men, dating, at work) that have left you hurt or confused and wanting to shut down your feminine energy
  • feeling open, relaxed, and playful
  • feeling exhausted by your long list of to-do's with no energy for yourself

6 months

12 live calls

6 private sessions

7 modules

A journey to empowered femininity and presence

If you've ever felt:

  • guilt around pleasure, or prioritizing yourself
  • shame around your body or your sexuality
  • fear around sex/sexuality/sensuality/femininity
  • frustration or confusion in the bedroom
  • low libido or sexual desire
  • insecurity about your body or being 'desirable'
  • bored or dissatisfied with your sexual expereinces?
  • a consistent feeling of not being enough
  • self-judgment for being too emotional or too masculine

Embodied and Radiant delivers powerful tools for you to:

  • Release guilt and shame around your sexuality
  • Sensitize your body and reach healing pleasure states
  • Feel powerful and confident as a sensual, sexual woman
  • Reprogram limiting beliefs about yourself and your femininity
  • Cultivate self-worth
  • Feel appreciated and seen by others
  • Accomplish more with less effort and stress
  • Feel like a sensual goddess

"When I was going through my miscarriage I didn’t know what to do, how to process what was happening or who could help me. This course helped me to focus on my body, healing my womb, and moving beyond trauma. It helped me to feel more deeply.

I feel more beautiful and others are noticing.This training was life changing."

- S., Graphic Designer, Vienna

Your Instructor

Blaire Lindsay
Blaire Lindsay

Hey...I'm Blaire.

As a coach and educator, I create courses for you to learn the wisdom of your female body, explore your inner Feminine and cultivate your sexual genius.


You receive:

  • A foundational 6 month education in classical Tantra
  • Healing embodiment practices to leave you feeling alive and radiant
  • Powerful teachings and practices of Tantric goddess and archetype wisdom
  • Weekly videos and meditations
  • Deep Dive journal prompts
  • Monthly private coaching calls
  • Monthly Q+A's
  • Email access to me (prioritized response within 24 hrs) for any and all things that arise
  • Private Facebook group
  • A supportive community of like-minded women

You'll also receive:

  • Full access to the resources that inspired this program ie. a bomb-ass reading list
  • Lifetime access. This information will always be here for you. As it evolves, so will you...
  • *Bonus* embodiment practices and meditations

And so much more...

Because as you heal and integrate your sexuality, you'll begin to notice major shifts throughout your life.

Expect to notice major shifts in:

  • confidence
  • the emerging of unique talents and strengths

  • clarity in your desires and purpose

  • courage to ask for what you want

  • conviction in who you are

  • trust in yourself and life

  • the degree of support you feel in your life

This course is the distillation and refinement of almost a decade of my studies in the Tantric and embodied arts.

I've dedicated years to gathering this information so that you don't have to.

This amount of content, practice and coaching would take years and cost tens of thousands of dollars if you were to work privately with me.

"I'm a much more expanded version of myself as new aspects of myself have come to the surface to be gently explored, healed, acknowledged, & seen. I feel a deeper, richer, more sincere aspect of myself has been given permission to be seen and to be lived. - Stefani Chan, Yoga Teacher & Nutrition Coach


Embodied and Radiant is a 6 month journey filled with hours of content, practices, coaching and support.

Imagine yourself experiencing more pleasure, more joy and more ease in your life.

Imagine being anchored in self-worth and magnetizing your desires to you in joy.

Imagine feeling empowered as a woman and supported to fully live your purpose.

"After giving birth to my first daughter and a challenging year on so many levels this training was amazing and more than what I could have hoped for!

I felt more connected to myself and other women. I feel more sexual and invigorated throughout my days. I stopped smoking and came back into my body. I feel elevated and inspired to live my life."

- Colleen, Entrepreneur/yoga teacher, Playa del Carmen

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't make the live calls?
All the live calls will be recorded and posted on the course site within 24hrs of the call.
What is the time commitment?
This course is self-led so you can move through it at your own pace. Each module is about 3 hours of content and practice.
How long is the course?
The course runs for a total of 6 months. After the course is complete, you have LIFETIME access to this course material. As it grows and evolves, so will you.

"After the course I felt such a big release and I could feel this shift in my entire life. I'm getting more and more attention from men, so much more than when I was a young girl. To be honest, I enjoy it a lot and I'm aware why it happens. I now live my full sexual power and they can feel that.

- H, Entrepreneur, Vienna

Everything in this course is designed to open you up to a whole new level of confidence, intimacy, sexual satisfaction and feminine presence.

Who would you be if you were able to live your life connected to your feminine power?

What would you be able to let go of?

What would you be able to achieve?

What would you create?

This is just the beginning...

In love,