Intuitive Beauty:

Feminine Rituals



Bring through what's already in you.


What does it mean for you?

>>>Does you think "it's for other women, but not for me"?
>>>Does it feel vain or superficial?
>>>Does the idea of beauty bring up comparison or competition with other women?

>>>Does it feel like something you don't have time for?

>>>Or something that isn't worth your time?

Beauty is complicated.

But this is what I want every woman to know: beauty is an energy or frequency that has the potential to impact every single thing in your life…
And it's available to everyone because

beauty is your birthright.

But so often we can't recognize - let alone actualize- the effortless, natural beauty that is already ours.

We're taught to see beauty through a lens that is only EXTERNAL: how we look, what we wear, etc.

What many women don’t know is how to relate to beauty as an energy so that they can harness beauty frequency from the inside out.

We do this by aligning with the frequency of beauty on a SOUL level.

If we ONLY focus on the physical, we're stuck in a game of more, better, younger that, frankly, we will never win no matter how hard we try. I imagine that some part of you already knows that.

By learning the energetics of beauty we can feel, embody and express it in a whole new way – we start to LIVE beauty in a way that feels deeply good and authentic to us.

The course was a complete perspective shift in how I view beauty. When I came into this course, I thought beauty was for other women and not for me. I thought I had to fix and change myself to be more beautiful and I often compared myself to other women.

Intuitive Beauty helped me recognize dis-empowering stories, so that I could make space for beauty to come into my life, body and soul. I no longer view beauty as superficial. It is an important piece of WHO I am as a spiritual woman.

I've been doing work on my feminine for over two years and this course helped me tap into my radiance in a way that I've never been able to before.

-Sarah B, Leadership Coach & Healer


Welcome to Intuitive Beauty: Feminine Rituals for Self-Love

An online training to show you how to align with the frequency of your Divine, dynamic beauty and bring through what's already inside of you.

You'll learn internal processes to help you align with beauty energy so that you can feel beautiful, confident, and comfortable in your own skin without changing a thing about yourself.

"It made me realize how I was suppressing my natural beauty, my natural being and personality. It helped me realize it's safe to be gentle, feminine and show my emotions in world of patriarchy, especially."

~Slavka, Visual Artist

Hi, I'm Blaire Lindsay:

a Feminine embodiment coach and a tender-hearted rebel.
This course came through after I showed some of my closest girlfriends this picture:

My friends were amazed at the transformation that's taken place in me over the last few years and it was clear that I need to be sharing this information with others.

I was a bit hesitant to join the course, because I had a lot of prejudice around the idea of Beauty and have for a long time discarded the desire to feel beautiful as vanity - an unhealthy desire that I should rather not give too much attention to.

And then your teachings - woah!! Every single thought you shared with us resonated with something deep inside me. Like being reminded of ancient truths that have always lived inside me, only I forgot how to access them

Taking this course really was the best gift I have given myself in a looong time. Yes to Beauty as a deeply healing Feminine Frequency!


Here's what we'll cover in Intuitive Beauty:

Module 1

Beauty as birthright

Transforming your relationship to beauty

This module alone will completely shift how you relate to beauty in your life.
You'll learn how to distinguish between the things that ACTUALLY make you feel beautiful vs. beauty standards that aren't working for you so you can be focus your precious energy on creating effortless, natural radiance and do away with what doesn't
You'll learn how to let go of judgements, fears and distrust ie. energetic obstacles blocking you from feeling and looking your best, so you can break through to brand new levels of self-love and self-appreciation

Module #2

Let beauty lead

Unlocking and expressing your unique beauty codes

What happens when you quit trying to be something or someone else, tap into your most authentic expression of beauty and allow that to lead? PURE MAGIC.
But we can't let beauty lead if we don’t' trust it.
We can't let beauty in fully if it doesn't feel safe.
We can't let it in if we have unconscious beliefs operating that tell us it's not ok to stand out, be seen or attract attention. If we do, there will always be a part of us that hides.

Module 3:

Rituals for Radiance

Structures to support self-love and beauty

Energy follows attention. Period. What we focus on grows. Our habits become our lives.

In this module, learn to infuse beauty into your life through simple rituals that you can do throughout your day so that you can steep in this energy from morning to night.

Sprinkle some cosmic magic dust on your daily routines, make the things you're already doing way more powerful by anchoring them in self-love and learn new ways to connect yourself to the recognition, feeling and service of beauty.

The course opened my eyes to what beauty actually is and showed me that I can tune into it whenever I (want), which feels like a secret superpower. It brings an inner confidence out and it feels GOOD.

-Louise, Production Manger

Here's what you receive:

~3 powerful modules that will radically change how you relate to beauty for the rest of your life

~6 pre-recorded group calls so that you can crystallize this content in your life and receive personal support from me

~Intuitive movement practices to re-program your mind and body and teach you how to align with your own natural, intuitive beauty whenever you want

**Bonus module where I breakdown my EXACT hair care routine and the exact process that helped me to discover it, so you can apply this process to wherever you struggle to find beauty in yourself ***

This course is my favourite! I am so happy I took it.

If beauty is calling you, if you feel a longing to attune to this frequency more and especially on a deep and profound level that will impact the way you feel about yourself and others and everything in and around you, this course is definitely for you!

- Rebecca, Yoga Teacher

Dive into the energetics of beauty with me.

Some of the exercises were POWERFUL. Woah. One in particular, I was not feeling at all beautiful that day but what an incredible experience. We should do this all the time as women as it would change our lives. Seriously powerful stuff!

- Beverly, Designer

I'm in!